Established in 2009 on the eve of the global sustainability movement, GeneraCycle was created to find the inherent value of waste, which life GeneraCycle can extend through education, sorting, branding, and marketing of its value beyond its initially intended use.


GeneraCycle was coined from two separate Latin words, ‘genera’ from Biology which is a “class or subdivision of groups of individuals” and ‘cycle’ from plural cyclus “a complete series of occurrences which can repeat.” To “GeneraCycle,” therefore, is to repeatedly class or subdivide groups or individuals in a complete series of occurrences.


GeneraCycle believes in taking immediate action. GeneraCycle is not reinventing the wheel. GeneraCycle, in a sense, is the wheel because it devises unique solutions, which recycling has not addressed, then putting the solutions in motion. By creating solutions for every item of waste, and then by executing a plan and specific strategy for each, our vision of a landfill free globe will be realized. Knowing that there is much work ahead, it is important that there is the participation of all to ensure that we can achieve GeneraCycle’s vision.

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